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Alex Camino, CMO, Softtek

Alex joined Softtek in 1995 and today he leads the organization’s marketing and communications efforts worldwide as CMO. His team has contributed to making Softtek one of Latin America’s most successful IT brands, bringing the nearshore industry to global prominence in the process. Alex oversees the company’s brand awareness, demand generation, corporate design and communications strategy, as well as the defining tools for sales acceleration and to propel customer business. Under Alex’s leadership, Softtek has gained attention by leading analysts, including Gartner and Forrester Research, highlighting Softtek as a the only non-Indian vendor to pose serious competition for application outsourcing. Prior to moving into Marketing in 2006, Alex worked in different positions in Softtek, including leading the company’s first Internet Business Unit, to later lead the business relationship management efforts in the East Coast of the US. Alex has authored several publications around the topics of nearshore outsourcing, Mexico, Total Cost of Engagement and enterprise agility, which has contributed to positioning nearshore and Latin America as a viable Information Technology hub. He is a frequent conference speaker at industry events related to the advent of digital and Latin America, having participated in events organized by MIT, Americas Society/Council of the Americas and the Emerging Markets Institute. Alex is a member of Softtek’s executive committee.

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