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Some things should be mentioned twice – Softtek Cliffnotes

More than just a provider

We may be the largest provider of IT services from Latin America, but we’re more than service providers: we’re innovators. Between internal innovation and research teams, IP solutions, and spaces for co-innovation with clients, it’s time to address a few ways in which Softtek has used knowledge accumulated over the past 37 years to stay at the forefront of technology.


Framework for Intelligent Digital Automation, known as FRIDA, is a framework based on Softtek’s enterprise-grade automation engine that leverages process automation, artificial intelligence and cognitive tools to reduce digital labor. FRIDA empowers companies to automate the broad spectrum of IT and business processes to improve operational efficiency, mitigate operational risk, reduce costs, offset the negative effects of complexity and improve standards enforcement.


Digital Enablers for Growth, known as DIEGO, is a growing portfolio of innovations (released alongside FRIDA) that help organizations accelerate time to market. All frameworks, platforms and solutions in this portfolio are easy to obtain and implement due to their plug-and-play nature, but they are also highly customizable in order to fit the specifications of each project. DIEGO truly embodies Softtek’s innovative essence, as the solutions in this portfolio are the results of internal innovation competitions between thousands of brilliant Softtekians. Read about the DIEGO solution Click2Sync and its creator.

Softtek Open Lab

FRIDA and DIEGO (not to be confused with the lovely Mexican artist couple) were formerly launched in 2019, coming out of the woodwork of the Softtek Open Lab (SOL). These contemporary spaces are found in Softtek facilities around the world, and are fixated on all things innovation: digital product development, design thinking workshops, and co-innovation with our own Softtekians and clients. SOL (no relation to the Spanish word “sun,” although ambiance is warm, bright and inviting…) has helped clients industry wide to put their current digital challenges on the table to brainstorm new solutions.


The year 1997 marked a new frontier in IT outsourcing—one in which traditional offshore standards met their match with a different model: nearshore. As a Mexican IT provider, nearshore was coined after Softtek began working with US clients in what is considered a complement to offshoring. Since then, nearshore benefits such as cost reduction, proximity and ease of doing business gained headway, indirectly shaping a simple business method into a multibillion dollar industry.

It’s all in the name

Softtek: that’s one word with two T’s and a K. This distinction is important for two reasons. The first is because there are a number companies that blend the words ‘soft’ and ‘tech’ together, only with a different combination of letters and spaces. The second is because many journalists don’t fact-check spelling, leading to some other company gaining our media presence.

While on the topic of our company name, did you know Softtek (one word, two T’s and a K) came first? Try Googling other ways of spelling it; you won’t find another company that came before 1982, the year a few entrepreneurial-minded computer science grads united to found what would become the largest provider of IT services from Latin America.

In short…

Softtek is a company that wears many hats, in part because it is in our belief system to be agile and always evolving. Suffice to say, our constant evolution comes with the consequence of classic Softtekian details being mistaken or forgotten. Whether you already knew or are seeing this for the first time, I hope this article provided some insight on what it’s like to be a trend-setting, innovative company that doesn’t always get its name spelled right.

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