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Click2Sync, connecting the dots in the cloud era

As a relatively new Softtek employee, I learned early on about our unique culture that extends beyond IT services and into the realm of innovation, entrepreneurship, and multifaceted business strategies. In my efforts to wrap my head around all we do, I was especially fascinated by Innoventures, a Softtek initiative that occasionally invites thousands of employees to pitch their innovative ideas.

Innoventures really struck a chord when I learned one of the winners is on the global marketing team, in the very same office where I currently work, in Monterrey. I can remember the conversation with my leader: “So Jaime Garza is the creator of the DIEGO solution, Click2Sync?” “That’s right.” “Cool, I work in the presence of a celebrity.”

Click2Sync Founder Jaime Garza presenting at Softtek Digital Innovation Summit


What’s Click2Sync?

Jaime started in the company in 2008 as a Jr. Developer for a client project, and some years later he was recruited by Marketing to work on the Webmaster team as a developer for the Softtek website. Today, he works behind two monitors and a laptop doing functions I couldn’t begin to explain. Put simply, the man is brilliant, Softtek noticed, and now he leads the accelerator solution called Click2Sync.

Click2Sync is a multichannel e-commerce platform that accelerates evolution by offering a pre-packaged means of data synchronization. Essentially, companies that work with e-commerce and incident management have a lot of data coexisting on multiple platforms that get updated frequently by several users, for which the need for synchronization and consolidation governance has become a growing need.

Jaime explains that companies can build custom integration solutions, but doing so disregards “vertical best practices” and “smart features” that help bridge the gap between business data oversight and technicalities, especially for non-technical users. Custom solutions end up needing a lot of rework, and simply aren’t as clean and pragmatic as Click2Sync, which offers plug-and-play compatibility with countless platforms to achieve end-to-end integration with no downtime. All integrated information and changes to it are cloud-based, providing easy access for any business process user needing to interact with it.

Click2Sync is part of Softtek’s suite of applications that help enterprises accelerate evolution with avant-garde solutions. In that sense, Softtek draws traffic to the solution to better market it. Softtek’s affiliation with ERP communities has also provided Click2Sync with competitive and flexible mechanisms to differentiate their offering and stand out amongst competition.

What’s in store?

Currently, Click2Sync works with e-commerce and incident management data, such as products and sales among marketplaces, shopping carts, ad networks, ERPs, and Supplier APIs. Their current focus has already generated a client base, proving there is opportunity to model the solution for other data entities like restaurants, sensor metrics, airline goods and services, and web content management. Jaime says they may even create an “abstract generic Click2Sync with the ability to sync any other entity.”

Insider knowledge

  • Click2Sync is a great name; in 3 syllables, potential customers are given the sense of simplistic, user-friendly syncing transcendence. But to my surprise, Jaime said the name almost didn’t happen, and that other names were proposed like “DMAAS (Data Management as a Service) and another ugly one called OrqOS (Orchestration OS).”
  • Click2Sync is flexible if need be! A B2B food company wanted to use the solution to launch a B2C e-commerce site, but had a lot of internal SAP rules, SKUs and metrics holding them back. Jaime and his team added “just a few lines of code” to follow these rules, and before long, they were enjoying a real-time bi-directional integration of their e-commerce site.
  • Like any good business, Jaime and his team have a “manifesto-like” core philosophy speaking to why Click2Sync is the right choice. Here are a few of the statements:
    • Platforms will always be changing/enhancing/optimizing their structures and APIs
    • Solutions are increasingly diverse and specialized
    • Vendor lock-in will slow down day by day, proportionally to the API-fication trend.
    • Normal integration architectures do not contain algorithms that analyze and enrich data; they’re normally static, but businesses require dynamic logic to respond to some events.

If you’re interested in a live demo or have an idea, leave a comment below or reach out to the man behind the solution, at info@click2sync.com.   


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