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Why should you test the performance of your system?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is performance testing? 
Performance testing is the practice of evaluating how your system performs under different conditions of stress or workloads.  Performance test engineers aim to evaluate the responsiveness and stability of any given environment.

So, why test the performance of your system? After meeting the requirements of the applications themselves,  testing the performance is a necessary step to ensure the best user experience.
Application performance is a key determinant of adoption, success and productivity for your users. All of this is done to save money in the long run, as solving these kinds of problems can be expensive once the application is live.

What are the benefits of performance testing?
  • Productivity: Performance testing helps you identify and fix any kind of performance-related issues early in the development cycle. This allows you to reduce the cost and time of getting them fixed later.

  • User experience: Application performance is the most important factor for your end user. Slow, unresponsive or unreliable apps can lead to poor user experience and damage your application reputation in the long run.

  • Saving money: Performance testing identifies issues before the application is launched, which reduces the risk of failures and downtime, which means savings. 

  • Competitive advantage: Applications that perform well and provide excellent user experience can provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Customers are more likely to choose and stick with reliable and responsive applications, giving businesses that invest in performance testing an edge over their competitors.

Adding performance testing to your test cycle will ensure your app success once it hits the market. And a working app with great experience translates into happy users. By correcting errors and bottlenecks you proactively avoid major downtime for fixing.

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