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Elevating airline apps with AI-based software testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a buzzword, featured prominently in fictional stories that explore its world-changing impact, both positive and negative. Today, many practical applications of AI have already become a reality, with Chat GPT, Bard, Stable Diffusion, and many more enabling users to work and play in new ways. A recent Gartner survey from August 2023 revealed that 79% of corporate strategists said AI and automation will be critical to an organization’s success in the next two years.  

So, how can an airline’s IT organization harness the power of AI for tangible benefits today? 

One practical challenge AI can address is improving the airline passenger experience. A recent report by TNMT, led by Lufthansa Innovation Hub, emphasizes the growing demand by industry experts and travelers for better digital services in the airline industry. Airline portals and mobile apps are not only key revenue drivers, but also significantly influence the passenger journey. 

To offer a seamless customer experience, reliable and well-designed applications are essential. A robust quality assurance and testing strategy is crucial for the development of such applications, yet these processes are too often constrained by time, budget, and expertise.  ITA 2

To address these challenges, Softtek’s QA and Testing practice has dedicated the last five years to transforming traditional testing paradigms through AI. The result is a QA and Testing service featuring skilled Agile test engineers aided by Softtek’s proprietary AI platform, FRIDA Intelligent Test Automation (ITA). 

FRIDA ITA has become an integral component of Softtek’s Modern Application Development services, enabling Dev and QA teams to test 30% faster, cover 50% more cases, and reduce release times by up to 50%.  

FRIDA ITA assists test engineers in quickly converting user stories into test scenarios, automates these scenarios, and even generates appropriate test data for comprehensive, automated, end-to-end testing. FRIDA ITA also performs data engineering analysis on the outcomes of these autonomous executions, delivering actionable insights and defect trends. 

ITA 3Additionally, all test artifacts generated are directly imported into the testing management and CI/CD tool of your choice. These remain the property of the client and are reusable even without the platform—an unprecedented level of flexibility for services in this domain. 

The platform allows teams to begin the testing process as early as the product backlog phase, allowing earlier user story review/validation and facilitating a “shift-left” approach to quality even before coding begins. 

If you’re ready to supercharge your QA and testing capabilities with AI, let’s connect and discuss how we can assist your organization. Learn more about how Softtek is helping Airlines and Airports

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