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Softtek without Borders via the Metaverse

At Softtek, we are known for being agile and tech-savvy. We know how to work remotely, as well as have fun and we are taking advantage of virtual environments to continue learning. We have mastered video calls and the exchange of information through text and audiovisuals, but we knew that when it came to talking about our culture, we needed a more lively and personal interaction. Sharing who we Softtekians are goes far beyond manuals or processes. So, we leveraged the challenge posed by the pandemic and restrictions of meeting in-person, by opting for the metaverse.

Galatea is Softtek's cultural introduction event in which, through conversations with leaders of the organization and diverse dynamics, Softtekians can experience our Cultural Platform. Since 1994 Galatea has been our social inauguration event for new Softtekians, held in person. That changed at the end of 2020, when the pandemic forced us to do things differently and we took the event to the metaverse and debuted “Galatea without Borders.” The name speaks for itself, as it is an immersive 3D experience that allows us to eliminate geographical borders and make our globality tangible, bringing together Softtekians from more than 13 countries around the world.

New Softtekians now connect to a virtual world where they create an avatar to sit, talk, run, dance, clap and teleport to live experiences that allow them to learn more about our organizational culture. They do this alongside leaders of the organization and other Softtekians across the globe.

Luis Revilla, Chief People Officer at Softtek, said, "After the shock of the pandemic, we realized that we had to do something; humans need interaction, and we knew that technology could help us. It has been a fascinating learning process; we’ve found that we are closer, and more connected than we ever thought. We eliminated that need for a 10-hour plane ride or 8-hour time difference, and we could all be in the same space, immersed in a stimulating reality while interacting in real time. Technology does not displace the human, it facilitates it! The challenge now is to find the right balance between virtual and face-to-face."

In 2021, 250 Softtekians helped design and implement Galatea without Borders. Four thousand Softtekians participated in 40 events conducted in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

“Galatea without Borders has left me with two main takeaways," said Ricardo Morell, People leader for Softtek’s Mexico market. "The first is the delight of working with leaders from the different countries at Softtek; our distinct cultural and backgrounds was a notable strength. Secondly, the idea of ‘borderless,’ to be able to gather Softtekians from around the world in a virtual space enriched an experience that otherwise would have been impossible due to budget and logistics. Here we’re not just talking about our culture; we’re living it."

On our website or in the news our Softtekians can see that we are leaders in technology and that we develop, test and maintain software projects across industries. However, through Galatea and interacting through the metaverse, they realize from the beginning of their Softtek career how and why we do what we do.

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