Softtek President & CEO Blanca Treviño to Present Keynote at TiEcon 2015

We are excited to announce that Blanca Treviño, Softtek's President and CEO, will be a keynote presenter at TiECon 2015, the world's largest annual gathering of entrepreneurs, in Silicon Valley on May 15-16, 2015.

“Technology in the digital era is the catalyst responsible for huge changes across every industry,” said Treviño. “We are living in exciting times, and small start-ups and traditional conglomerates alike are increasingly faced with new obstacles and new opportunities.” 

On the second day of the conference, Treviño will present an inspiring talk on great successes led by unfavorable conditions, during a keynote session entitled “Opportunities amidst disadvantage.” The presentation will highlight real-life examples of multiple organizations and individuals overcoming disadvantage.

Treviño joins 4,000 distinguished leaders and innovators from around the world, including other keynote presenters, former CEO of GE Jack Welch and EVP & CTO of CenturyLink Aamir Hussain. In its twenty-second year, TiEcon’s theme for the 2015 two-day conference is “Disruptive Entrepreneurship: Break-in. Break-out. Break-away.” It is projected to be the largest gathering of women and minority innovators, engineers and panelists.

Attending TiEcon 2015? We hope to see you there!