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Should auld acquaintance be forgot, there's tech to help me through

2014 was fine, as I take a look back 
But this year’ll be better if I just stay on track.
Through technology, and in-app purchase galore
There’s no need to shop at a store anymore.

As January awaits, we feel a sense of renewal
To accomplish new goals, wouldn’t that be a jewel?
Quit smoking, lose weight, reduce all that stress
Travel to new places, volunteer, drink less.
Save money, stay organized, learn something new

Spend more time with family, fit in that outfit anew. 
Holiday parties bring lots of good cheer
The cookies, the dips, (more cookies) and beer
But 13 pounds later, it’s time for the gym
My Fitbit from Santa will help me get thin.

Ditch the thick paperback, but enrich your mind
Use Feedly each day; it’s one of a kind.
There’s candy and gum, but they’re nearly a joke.
E-cigs are in, if you’re craving a smoke.

Seeing loved ones more often... what’s all the hype?!
Relationships matter, which is why we’ve got Skype.
Florida for vacay.. been there, done that…
Book your dream trip on Kayak at the drop of a hat.

Keep meetings and parties and soccer games straight
Tempo or Sunrise will help save the date.
Pay off your debt, become a little wiser
ReadyForZero is your financial advisor.

Cheers to the new year, for health, relaxation
DrinkControl will help keep the bubbly in moderation.

So much to accomplish,
So much foreseen
Thank you, technology 
Here's to 2015!

happy digital holidays



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