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SAP: From Minnesota to Buenos Aires, it's a small world after all

It was an eventful past couple of weeks for us in the SAP platform with the ASUG Chapter Meetings  in Minnesota, Georgia, and  Mexico City, and the SAP Run Better Tour in Buenos Aires. Each venue  had its own identity w/ the presence of a variety of companies (many locally headquartered),  presentations, and take-aways.  But one of the recurring themes we've heard globally from clients and industry peers pertains to the lack of visibility associated with the manual consolidation process. 

Indeed, implementing all of the new and  changing frameworks, establishing and carrying out a replicable process can be daunting.

Fortunately, SAP gatherings like the ones listed above provide users a space to exchange concerns,Softtek-ASUG-BuenosAires  advice, as well as thoughts on what's ahead for technological advances and challenges.  Here are a few comments we received after our opening presentation ("No need to go offshore to
achieve break-through savings") at the ASUG forums:

  • “I realized after your presentation that I’d never given enough value to change management in SAP projects.” 
  • “I bought everything from SAP and now I have no idea how to put these things together.”
  • “After your presentation I stopped to think about all the things that we’ve created and that now nobody is using.”
  • “The Red Print opened my mind about ‘where I want to be in the future’;  I’d never thought about that."

One of the biggest take-aways from the presentation, and I think our VP Business Development  
ERP Mauro Okamoto summed it up nicely: "Just because the application is working well, doesn't mean it's positively impacting the business."

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