Santa Comes to Nearshore Nations

Santa_boxesIt's that time of year when some people give gifts and offer best wishes, and so that's our theme for today. I know that everyone really wants one of these, but supplies are limited, so instead I'm thinking alternative items. If I had the bank roll of Carlos Slim and Eike Batista, here's what I would give each country in the Nearshore region.

Argentina: A more aggressive promotion agency to tell the world about Argentine software talent, more stimulus for the IT industry, more scrum masters, and a less aggressive inflation rate.

Belize: May your dream of data parks come true, without loss of natural beauty and laid-back style.

Brazil: Success with Plano Brasil Maior, triumph over poverty, less red tape, and enough qualified IT workers to scale up for global demand. And looser immigration policies (which would help with that last item).

Canada: Continued success with your shipbuilding business (sure to bring IT jobs), and better luck with your BPO efforts.

Chile: Continued success at IT outsourcing and BPO, but no more slipping on the global competitiveness list. And another good year of Carmenere grapes.

Colombia: Sustained economic growth and reduction in poverty, a stimulated tech industry, and further IT innovation.

Costa Rica: Greater support for entrepreneurs, more liberalization of the ICT market, continued success attracting big tech players.

Ecuador: Fulfilling your objective of growing your young tech sector, and a lower attrition rate.

El Salvador: May efforts to improve English skills pay off.

Guatemala: Achieving the goal to build up a "digital industry."

Honduras: May you keep making headway as a BPO player.

Jamaica: More BPO wins, but also getting your act together.

Mexico: May more VC funds appear for your creative IT people (paging Señor Slim), and the situation improve for startups. May Guadalajara's tech generation thrive and the city sparkle, and may you continue to be recognized internationally as an IT and BPO destination.

Nicaragua: Better cooperation and planning by your contact-center industry, and success in combating the anti-business perception.

Panama: Continued GDP growth, along with more innovative drive and efforts to boost IT startups.

Peru: May you attract more tech companies like Google and TCS and BPO firms, but improve your IP laws and justice system, and not let your fledgling IT industry go off the rails.

Uruguay: May you overcome the obstacles that hinder the IT outsourcing sector and encourage young people to pursue IT.

Venezuela: Further success with exports, lower inflation, more broadband, more freedom for citizens.

And to all: Happy clients, successful outcomes, prosperity, and peace.