Mexico and China, 40 years of a strong ties and counting

McIn August of 2007, Softtek started its China operations with the acquisition of IT United, solidifying its network of global delivery centers (GDCs) to cover three of the largest regions on the planet, Asia, America and Europe, This coverage allowed us to provide services to global customers on a global scale, while maintaining the local flavor that makes each country unique in how they do business.  Four and a half years have passed since, and we have been able to grow our China operations to more than 300 associates, opening a state-of-the art GDC in the city of Wuxi and consolidate our offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.


On February 14th, 2012 Mexico and the People’s Republic of China celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationships. A strong connection of friendship, respect and mutual cooperation has been developing throughout these four decades, and the anniversary marks what is considered one of the most strategic relationships for facilitating economic, commercial, cultural and technological interchanges between both countries.

To celebrate this important date, the Spanish channel of the Central Chinese Television (CCTV Español) produced a brief video about the footprint of Softtek in China after nearly five years of operations. The video can be accessed on the following link here or by going directly to the CCTV Español webpage:

Softtek started working in cooperation with various local and regional government entities as soon as operations began. The purpose was not only to build the relationship between the organization and the government, but also to provide a bridge between the two countries and recognize Softtek as a leading Mexican company in China.