Latin American Companies Dominate the 2013 Omidyar Network – Endeavor Awards

The 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit was held in San Francisco June 19th-21st, and brought together several hundred emerging economy entrepreneurs and more than a dozen established business leaders in a number of industries.  This biennial conference gave entrepreneurs the chance to hear business leaders' secrets to success, participate in individualized “Global Connection” mentorship sessions, and choose from more than a dozen interactive workshops and break-out sessions.

The highlight of the summit was the 2013 Omidyar Network – Endeavor Awards dinner on the evening of the 21st. The event was focused on awarding Endeavor Entrepreneurs for their accomplishments in six different categories. Although Endeavor Entrepreneurs were drawn from all around the globe, Latin American companies dominated the awards, receiving 20 of the 27 total awards.


Tecsis - Brazil - Bento Koike

Tecsis was clearly the big winner of the 2013 awards ceremony. This rapidly growing high-tech wind turbine blade manufacturer not only won the Highest Absolute Growth in Jobs (2010-2012), Highest Absolute Growth in Revenue (2010-2012) and Highest Overall Revenue Year-End 2012 awards, president and founder Bento Koike also won the Omidyar Network-Endeavor High Impact Entrepreneur of 2013 Award.

Enova - Mexico - Mois Cherem

Enova is in the vanguard of education reform in Mexico, setting up education centers that provide e-learning courses to poor people in marginalized neighborhoods. Enova and Mois Cherem were awarded the 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Social Impact award in recognition of their innovation and hard work. 6663234085_cfdcc1256c_z

Image by jeffgunn.

Sin Secretos - Mexico - Jorge Bouffier

Jorge Bouffier and his burgeoning pure fruit juice company Sin Secretos were one of six who received a Featured Young Entrepreneur of 2013 award.

Advenio - Mexico - Luis Garza 

Advenio, an up and coming Mexico-based software concern, and its founder, Luis Garza, also received a Featured Young Entrepreneur of 2013 award.

Intellego - Mexico - Eduardo Graniello and Felipe Labbé 

IT consulting firm Intellego, led by Eduardo Graniello and Felipe Labbé, has expanded from six to 1200 employees over the last half-dozen years, and the principals were recipients of a 2013 Endeavor Advocate award.

Poit Energia - Brazil - Wilson Poit 

Wilson Poit founded generator leasing and professional services company Poit Energia in 1997, and led it to a $200 million buyout by a regional competitor in 2012. Wilson Poit was also the recipient of a 2013 Endeavor Advocate award. 

Restorando - Argentina - Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti

Restaurant reservation start up Restorando and its founders Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti were also recipients of a Featured Young Entrepreneur of 2013 award - Argentina - Marcos Galperin

Marcos Galperin, founder of the tremendously successful online auction house also received a 2013 Endeavor Advocate award for his many contributions over the last 12 months.

Nutra Bien - Chile - Isabella Jaras 

Isabella Jaras, the founder of healthy snack company Nutra Bien, also received a well-deserved 2013 Endeavor Advocate Award.

Conexred - Colombia - Andrés Albán and Mauricio Hoyos 

BrothersAndrés Albán and Mauricio Hoyos founded Conexred in 2004. Conexred is a mobile and financial services company with more than ten thousand points of sale in small communities across Colombia.  Andrés Albán and Mauricio Hoyos were also recipients of a 2013 Endeavor Advocate Award.

Lynkos - Uruguay - Gabriel Colla

Gabrielle Colla founded Lynkos together with Frederico Cella in 2009. This CRM and transactions solutions business  introduced the many-to-many concept to CRM applications. Gabriel Colla was honored with a 2013 Endeavor Advocate Award for all his work on the organization's behalf.