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Java Trends for Java Programmers

In the era of constant technological evolution, it can be overwhelming yet exciting to discover the different programs and updates that are being released. Software engineers need to be agile and adapt to these emerging technologies: if you code Java, one of the most used languages in the software world, here are some tips and important releases to know about.

Latest releases

The most anticipated release came from Java 17 which came out this last September and featured some really important changes:

  • Sealed classes. These kinds of classes are declared with modifier permits which limit extensibility. This feature provides a few key advantages including the ability to develop proprietary software and being able to provide extra modularization.

  • Switch expressions. Although switch was introduced in Java 12 it was only capable of evaluating data, not in Java 17, it can return values and include patterns to cases.

Shifting to SOLID, an acronym for the 5 good principles and standards in computer programming for a clean, efficient and quality architecture:

“If SOLID are the principles you should follow to write code, STUPID is what you should avoid.”

  • Singleton

  • Tight Coupling

  • Untestability

  • Premature Optimization

  • Indescriptive Naming

  • Duplication

Use Spring Boot applying SOLID principles. Spring Boot is one of Spring technologies that has been most popular when completing Java projects. It is a very mature and versatile tool that also implements SOLID with ease (here is a summary of best practices with examples).

Best programs to use when constructing software

Although some believe it would make sense to run tests only after the software is made, its suggested that you conduct tests before hand to guarantee that the construction will be solid.

Other programs that coders like me recommend using to develop code are: Eclipse, Visual Code and Fleet. When it comes to the most appropriate database to use, we agree that H2 is the best, it is straightforward to use and comprehensive. As for integration, Azure is best because it has free features, and you can create different tasks of what needs to be completed when constructing software.”

To watch the full discussion that I had with my fellow coders, click here (In Spanish). Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions


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