How to Automagically Develop Quality Software And Avoid Embarrassing App Failures

(Original publication in Portuguese at the Softtek Brasil Blog)


Digital Transformation has revolutionized the way organizations generate revenue. The emergence of concepts such as Always in Beta further reinforces the need for an efficient and robust QA and Testing area to perform the software development tests that have been presented as one of the most important aspects of organizational growth. Dev-Test-Ops may seem like just another buzzword in the world of technology, but you have to understand that it goes far beyond that, and has been instrumental for large companies looking to deliver with more agility, efficiency and quality.

And speaking of quality...

When it comes to software development, quality is fundamental. The only way to achieve superiority is through continuous testing at every stage of the process.

Forget about the old concept that tests should only be performed just before product launch. You must implement testing starting at the initial phase of the project and combine it with complete and continuous automation.

How can Dev-Test-Ops help organizations?

With an increasingly demanding user community, any platform failure can kill app usage. For example, imagine that a company launched a new application that promises to make some process easier, such as buying or managing something.. Then when you try to use it, it freezes up on you and gives you errors left and right. Would you give this app another chance?

This is where DevOps comes in handy. DevOps solves this problem by fostering a partnership between Development and Operations (hence the name). In this framework, the development team supports operational requirements such as deploying scripts, diagnostics, and operating load and performance tests from the beginning of the cycle; while the operations team provides support and feedback before, during, and after deployment.

Let's get to the benefits:

• Quicker time-to-market

• Shorter development cycles

• Faster release cycles

• Continuous incorporation of feedback at each stage

• Frequent releases

Call this DevTestOps

In a DevOps world, Testing is a continuous and persistent function that keeps the whole cycle together to always produce deliverables with improved quality.

An effective DevOps team needs testing professionals involved in all phases and levels of development. The tester will eventually become a specialized type of developer, valued for their ability to ensure that the launched product satisfies the customer's needs. Using a wide variety of tools and techniques at their disposal, they will become an essential member of the team.

Organizations that see testing and QA as an obstacle to be overcome or even worse, a "cost center" to be minimized, risk being overlooked by consumers, as it shows that quality is not their main focus.

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