How RISE with SAP Helps Energy and Natural Resource Companies

Organizations face big changes and transformations. Many companies were already on the road to digital transformation but was accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This obligated all industries to incorporate remote work, pay special attention to technology infrastructure to maintain operation and digitalize a large number of processes. The road to digital transformation requires the right tools and support.

Today, all companies seek to become a smart company. According to the Digital Transformation Index, in 2020, 88% of all companies changed their mindset around digital transformation. And by 2022, 70% of all organizations are expected to have globally accelerated their use of digital technologies, transforming existing business processes to drive customer interaction, employee productivity and resilience of the organization.

Despite the alternatives presented by the inclusion of digital business and the support from other companies to achieve positive results, many organizations are still not convinced and apprehensively advance. This often happens because they consider the transformation to be excessively complicated and confusing. Additionally, they believe that the existing technology does not adapt to their needs and is the responsibility of the organization to adjust in order to be able to go down that sought-after road.


This is where RISE with SAP emerges, a strategy that seeks the transformation of the business as a service (BTaaS). It is a comprehensive shift towards becoming a smart business in the time frame the company demands. It responds to the need for a simplified, flexible and holistic path that is supported every step of the way. This is a package that brings together the tools, guidance and the support systems needed for companies to truly become smart and fit for the future.

Smart companies in the natural resources industry exceed performance in 3 key areas:

  • They increased manufacturing and supply chain by 3.2 times.
  • Personal commitment to more efficient planning increased 3-fold.
  • Real-time data management of all expenditure data increased 2.7 times.

The best part is there are no requirements for companies, it can be applicable to anyone regardless of their starting point, it can be ERP users, SAP S/4HANA customers or even new clients. This proposal adapts to the needs of every company with the freedom to manage their own speed, decisions and create an infrastructure based on what your company needs without requiring a high initial investment. Also, it complements, extends and integrates into any other solution (SAP, partners or third parties) and leverages SAP Business Technology Platform data model and services to connect everything together.

It’s time to take the leap, move forward and rise towards digital excellence. It is time to transform to a smart industry in a simple, flexible and versatile manner. Softtek is prepared to join you on this journey where you can count on our expertise to understand your companies needs.

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