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How Latin America Powers Global IT Delivery - [filling the research gap]

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Today we released a report written  and produced by HfS Research, "How Latin America Powers Global IT Delivery."

The study provides a close look into the upswing of nearshore providers and LatAm-based  IT and business delivery, and how they leverage cultural and process-oriented capabilities to  compete with India-based outsourcers.   

Whether you're new to the LatAm playing field, or have a firm understanding of nearshoring and its evolution, the report contains new insights (check out the 6 key findings) and practical advice for buyers and industry stakeholders wanting to know a little more.

We're excited about the release of this report, and invite you to learn more about the study and key findings at www.nearshore.com. Only got a minute?  Go right to download the full report here. 

I'd be interested to hear from those that are passionate about the LatAm market and nearshore delivery. Feel free to leave any comments, and perhaps we can get a rich dialogue going on the blog.

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