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Got Talent?

The way today’s companies recruit and retain talent has changed with the advent of new technologies and an increasingly “connected” society. For software services companies, satisfying our clients’ complex needs for talent has always posed a great challenge.

Talent handstandThe industry requires multidimensional profiles that combine a variety of technologies, languages, software suites, infrastructure, and more. According to Fernando Jaramillo, Director of Human Capital at Softtek, “This makes the process of attracting and retaining talent more difficult and creates important gaps that need to be filled.”

So what’s the outlook for corporations trying to compete in the great talent race?  Tomorrow, Andrew Wasser, Associate Dean of School of Information Systems and Management at Carnegie Mellon University, will enlighten us on what these talent gaps are, and will share how some leading firms are taking action to avoid or correct them.

Wasser will touch upon how companies implement the filter effect, treatment effect, context effect, and texting effect (+ESL) to close these important talent gaps and will answer your questions about talent recruiting and retention.

Check out the webinar details:

Talent Gaps and Talent Retention in Global Sourcing Firms (Live Webinar) – Tuesday, March 27th at 11am ET – Still time to register!:http://bit.ly/wFViVw

Companies of course want “the best of the best,” but are they taking the time to ensure their talent sticks around? Perhaps the more productive question isn’t “Got talent?” but rather…“Got talent, still?”


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