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Fulfilling the India + 1 strategy: Forrester's SVM 2011

The new era of change in technology, driven by globalization and  economic power shifts, is putting greater strains on today's chief executive--and adding new 'rules' to global competitivity.   

Forrester Research's Sourcing & Vendor Management Forum, going on today and tomorrow in Miami, will address how organizations should navigate amidst these changes in the market and with vendor relationships. The agenda boasts a stellar list of vendor, buyer and analyst presenters. 

From 11:40am to 12:25pm Softtek Chief Globalization Officer Beni Lopez, alongside Neal J. Beckstrand  (Director of Quality Assurance, Novell), and Alfredo Pacheco-Vasquez  (CEO, MexicoIT) will lead a keynote in: Fulfilling the India-Plus-One Strategy.  The presentation will discuss how organizations have successfully implemented a nearshore component to complement their offshore model--achieving a truly global delivery model.  Find out more; see Beni's invite


For a good resource on the evolution and trends of nearshore, an updated version of one of our previous white papers was published this year -- Nearshore Goes Global -- 2011 Revised Edition.  See how our predictions in 2007 matched up with 2011.  What will we be writing about in 2015?

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