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Enterprises to ramp up cloud-native app development in wake of COVID

“Cloud" is a buzzword these days, both in tech and outside of it. The cloud was necessary and anticipated even before it really existed. A fun fact I recently learned is that some especially bright people created the first internet-connected toaster in 1990. This was well before the introduction of the internet.

Once the cloud came onto the scene, the associated technology just kept growing—and continues to do so. According to IDC, “With a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.3%, public cloud spending will grow from $229 billion in 2019 to nearly $500 billion in 2023.” The trend we’re seeing for most enterprises is the development of cloud-native applications.

For the past 14 years, the world has been growing into the cloud. But now, what distinguishes cloud-native applications from all others? It’s a good question. As the cloud-native app development team at Softtek explains, cloud-native apps are a set of services that have a “defined and unique purpose.” They leverage microservices deployed to containers, container orchestration, and deployment automation. As such, cloud-native applications are more about how the apps are created and deployed than where they reside (cloud environments vs on-prem data centers). As long as organizations continue to increase their brands’ reach to consumers via mobile and other applications, cloud-native app development increases in importance.

Let’s consider all this in today’s context: a world-changing pandemic crisis. According to the Everest Group, “[w]hile enterprises’ application landscape continues to be dominated by monolithic and legacy systems, new applications built on cloud-native principles have helped enterprises respond to customer needs and changing business scenarios more efficiently and quickly.”

While early 2020 was in some ways too soon to see the full impact, reports are now showing that cloud-native development is more in-demand than ever. Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud Report indicates that “59 percent of respondents who answered a question about COVID-19 expect cloud use to exceed plans due to the pandemic.” I’ve heard this sentiment repeated by analysts at Forrester, too: enterprises are preparing to ramp up significantly, not cut back on, their cloud investments.

This brings to the fore the need to make careful, business-motivated decisions when selecting strategic partners to articulate and strengthen your organization’s cloud strategy. Given the increased demand for applications that fully leverage cloud capabilities, it is critical to choose a partner that fulfills all the relevant criteria and has a track record of helping organizations reap the benefits of adopting the cloud.

Recently, Everest Group has named Softtek a Major Contender in cloud-native application development services in its report Cloud-Native Application Development Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020. As the analysts noted, Softtek’s clients really value our commitment and willingness to go the extra mile in cloud-native service engagements. Additionally, as Everest Group observes, enterprises are seeking more onshore talent than ever before for their cloud-native transformations—rendering even more important our flexibility in providing cost-effective, quality talent at scale.

Evaluated among longstanding leaders like Accenture, Cognizant, and Capgemini, in Everest Group’s recent report, Softtek is proud to have broken into the big leagues. This for us means being formally recognized for something our clients have known for years, and in some cases decades. It’s gratifying whenever recognition is earned and finally achieved, and we’re grateful to the analysts at Everest Group who have dedicated the time and done the rigorous evaluation to get to this final result.

Amidst increasing demand for cloud-native app development services, we will undoubtedly see a rise in providers willing to offer the services. We hope that Everest Group’s report sheds some light and adds helpful criteria and questions in your organization’s search for the ideal strategic partner for you.


Read Everest Group’s Cloud-Native Application Development Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020 for the full scoop, or the complementary version on the right side of the above link.

Softtek Named Major Contender in Everest Group's Cloud-Native Application Development Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020, read more.

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