eMerge Americas Looks at Leadership in the Digital Era

eMerge_BlogImageThe digital era and its fundamentally disruptive impact presents compelling opportunities and daunting challenges for both IT service providers and buyers. The stakes are particularly high for top executives tasked not only with defining and executing go-to-market strategies, but with making decisions on a daily basis that will have lasting repercussions on their businesses.

Consider these trends:

To navigate these issues and make effective decisions, executives need to understand when to take risks and when to be cautious. They also need to recognize what they don’t know, to find the best talent and to trust the expertise of their teams. While these traits have always been important, what do the unique characteristics and demands of today’s business environment mean for executive leaders?

That question will be addressed by panel discussions at the eMerge Americas Conference 2018 in Miami, Florida, April 23rd and 24th. Marcos Jimenez, CEO of Softtek US and Canada, will participate in a panel discussion titled “Leadership in the Digital Era.” He and other panelists will examine keys to success and share their personal experiences and observations on how digital technology has redefined the role of business decision makers. In addition, Camila Casale, CMO of Softtek US and Canada, will join a panel of Women in Technology leaders who will discuss the gender gap in technology, how to overcome obstacles and keys to developing the next generation of women business leaders.