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Digital Wonderland

To the tune of Winter Wonderland...

Hear that ping
Are ya listen’
At Softtek
Apps are glisten’post.jpg
A beautiful sight,
On my Kindle Paperwhite
Walkin’ in a [Digital] Wonderland

Gone away, “predictability”
Here to stay, business agility
We’re singin’ a song
As we go along
Walkin’ in a [Digital] Wonderland

In Europe, Asia, and absolutely LatAm
With world-class nearshore capabilities
You’ll ask, "You expensive?" 
We'll say, “No, Man”
And we can do the job
Close to your town

Later on
We’ll conspire,
Call us up, we never tire
To face unafraid
The plans that we've made
Walkin’ in a [Digital] Wonderland

At Softtek we can help transform your business
Mobile, analytics, IoT
We'll have lots of fun even after Christmas
Delivering value through technology  

In the cloud
Ain't it thrillin’
While CIOs, get a chillin’
We'll frolic and play, in the most agile way
Walkin’ in a [Digital] Wonderland
Walkin’… in a [Digital] ….Wonderland!

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