Clinton Global Initiative Latin America


Image by Center for American Progress.

The first Latin American Clinton Global Initiative will be held in Rio de Janeiro December 8-10, 2013. Following the great success of CGI Asia in 2008, the board of directors of CGI decided 2013 was an ideal time to focus the attention of the world on the unfolding success story of Latin America.  Former President Clinton made the announcement in New York City, at the May 6th mid-year meeting of CGI.

The Clinton Global Initiative was founded in 2005, and convenes leaders from around the world to develop innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges we face today.  CGI helps organizations from the private sector and public sector by fostering partnerships, providing strategic advice and driving resources toward effective ideas.

Although Latin American regional economic growth has slowed down over the last couple of years, economists expect the worm to turn by 2014. Nearly all project the region to rebound strongly, especially if Latin American nations continue to increase investment in infrastructure and continue inching down the path of free market economic reform.  CGI Latin America gives regional leaders an opportunity to work together on impact sourcing and other low-income initiatives make sure that economic and social development occur hand in hand.

CGI Latin America

Clinton briefly outlined the agenda for CGI Latin America in his speech. “At CGI Latin America, government, business, and civil society leaders will exchange ideas and identify opportunities for action in one of the world’s most dynamic regions,” said President Clinton. “The time is right to spotlight the most effective solutions for women-owned businesses, vulnerable populations, and infrastructure across Latin America, and work to replicate positive results in communities stretching from Port-au-Prince to Peru. I look forward to December’s meeting in Rio and an important new chapter for CGI.”

The December meeting in Rio de Janeiro is CGI’s first Latin American conference and will follow the same results-focused agenda as the global meeting held every September in New York City. The choice of the largest city in the region as host of the conference is symbolic and appropriate given that Brazil has grown into the economic powerhouse of the area. As has come to be a tradition for CGI meetings, participants will collaborate across a number of sectors to make commitments to action. These commitments should be specific, measurable plans to develop solutions to urgent global challenges.

Key business leaders, various government representatives and prominent philanthropists from all across Latin America will participate in inclusive, interactive working sessions focused on three action areas

Designing for Green Growth -- Green technologies will be a primary driver of economic growth in the 21st century, and several Latin American countries are in ideal positions to take advantage of this multi-decade macro trend.

Developing Human Capacity -- Strategies for the development of human capacity are essential for future economic and social development. Impact sourcing, for example, is an innovative solution that leads to improvements in infrastructure, education and income for emerging economies.

Harnessing Technology and Innovation -- The third action area of CGI Latin America is really tightly interwoven with both of the other action areas. For nations with limited resources, the best approach to developing technology is to identify key technologies whose development will contribute the most to economic growth and quality of life.

All sessions are led by thought leaders and subject-area experts and innovators, and are designed to assist participants in forging strategies to improve the global competiveness of Latin America, empower female entrepreneurs, improve early childhood development, address urban policy and add impetus to economic and social progress across the region.