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Achieving the Workplace Trifecta in Any Industry

During a recent virtual interview in Spanish hosted by Amexicom, a Mexican non-profit organization that supports the business community to implement ethical practices and compliance, Christian Paredes, VP of Amexicom sat down with Softtek’s Chief People Officer, Luis Revilla, where they discussed ethics and how it ties into technology. It was an interesting conversation that encompassed the necessary facets for any organization to remain on top.

Luis highlighted the four categories that allow Softtek to achieve integrity, honesty and respect: The Organization, People (Softtekians), Ethics and Environment. Each category plays a fundamental role in accomplishing this trifecta that ultimately has led the organization to success.


Softtek is a global IT company with over 15,000 professionals and 19 delivery centers worldwide dedicated to helping customers through their digital journey. Although we are a large international company, we acknowledge differences and embrace diversity. We have found that no matter where we are in the world, there are many similarities that bring us together and allow us to achieve amazing things. We continually seek to improve our operations, both internal and external, to create the best organization to not only work with but work for.


“Softtekians are the heart of our organization” are not just words spoken at Softtek but are felt throughout the organization. The Human Element, a methodology created by American Psychologist Will Schutz, explains how to improve organizations using healthier concepts of ourselves and each other. Schutz states that people seek three things: inclusion, control and openness, all of which center around having contact with others. Luis emphasized this point by saying “Human necessities and motivation have always been important at Softtek because we understand them. I believe part of our success is precisely because we respect these key areas,”  Whether in the office or through a computer screen it is important to make a meaningful connection to have employees feel part of the organization which leads to numerous other benefits, including increased productivity and lower turnover.


Before talking about ethics, Luis discussed the importance of company culture and how it shapes all other aspects. He said that in order to establish a culture there has to be structure and for there to be structure a strategy is necessary. The strategy consists of 5-6 basic questions such as when, where, who, how and what. Once established the information then must be organized, which is where the structure comes in and includes things like polices and organizational charts. “When we discuss culture and behavior, sometimes we separate them and neglect it as something that is integrated. When we see it as integrated, we notice many elements that are missing to reinforce [positive] behaviors,” Luis noted.

Now that a solid culture is established, ethics comes into play. Softtek has been committed to developing the organization, ethically and flawlessly, since its inception. To ensure this, Softtek has a global and local ethics committee that follows and promotes its code of ethics, policies, and protocols. Christian asked a key question: How does a global company like Softtek stay at the forefront when it comes to ethics, considering different cultures and values? It’s a learning experience, says Luis. “Every country has a different maturity level, for a variety of reasons, such as the country’s status and how advanced the country is regarding topics related to anti-corruption, ethics, culture and sustainability. All of those [topics] helps society to mature and as an organization we are a component of society.” Although every office has its [local] differences, we all share the same principles, and we seek to improve and positively influence each other. That is why every decision Softtek makes considers ethics, to achieve long-term success while working with others who have a similar mindset.


Across the world, workplaces are changing. We are entering a “new normal” in which a robust organization requires healthy employees, relationships and work environments. The new normal also takes into consideration that a healthy work environment doesn’t necessarily have to be in an office setting. It can include working remotely or a hybrid approach that combines both in-office and working from home.

Digital mindset is another fundamental part of a [work] environment, explained Luis. It is a variety of components that make up this mentality including being agile, flexible, customer centric, innovative, data-driven decision making and collaborative. Luis emphasized, “We have to use and integrate this environment because it brings together the people component and technology.” This kind of mentality also allows us to make ethical decisions.

It’s impossible to talk about “the new normal” without the topic of the pandemic. Luis stated that for many it was difficult to separate the office from home or to know when to have the camera on or off during a meeting—a tough balance that we all had to learn as time went on. Keeping a connection despite the distance is/was a key potential issue “We got dressed in our typical outfit, a ritual to signal that we are going to work… you get to work, and you see the building with Softtek’s name letting you know that you belong to this group. Walking through the building you see slogans everywhere creating a connection, and suddenly that all disappeared. The question was, how are we going to connect?” Luis said it is important to reflect and have leaders be the link that brings the rest of the team together.


Regardless of specific industry, all organizations seek integrity, honesty, and respect. The way they go about achieving this may differ. Softtek has a solid approach to attaining this trifecta which is composed of the organization, employees, ethics, and the environment. As these categories are constantly evolving, it’s important for companies to keep up and decide what modifications to make to continue securing these three fundamental standards.

For an in depth look at what was said during the presentation with Softtek’s Chief People Officer, Luis Revilla and Amexicom check out the recording by clicking here.          


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