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36 years later and the entrepreneurial spirit carries on: Codellege

In 1982, five young entrepreneurs met with the dream of providing software to anybody in need of it. The vision was “to become a global company that proves Mexico can do technology.” Today, Softtek is present in more than 20 countries with 35 offices across the globe. Incredible.

It goes without saying that Softtek was the result of an undertaking, and throughout years of dedication, we have become familiar with the challenges involved in maintaining our vision. Proof that the vision lives on is through our social program, Codellege.

Five years ago, a few Softtekians got together in Aguascalientes with a plan to teach basic computer skills to those living in rural communities. The group grew and quickly adapted to a classroom where Powerpoint, Excel and Word could be taught to a population whose opportunities to access a computer were limited.

It escalated quicker than expected, and after two years, programming was being taught to youth interested in work as a developer. Today, that workshop is known as Codellege, a program that prepares students for web programming, human development, English and entrepreneurship. While we have touched the lives of hundreds of young people, I will tell you the story of Andrea, one of our 2018 Codellege graduates.

Andrea had been dealing with a difficult personal situation for two years when she applied to Codellege. Once notified of her acceptance, she arrived her first day smiling from ear to ear. She soon realized that she was the oldest in the group, including her teachers! Moreover, during her first programming class, she noticed she was the least knowledgeable on the topic.

Despite the hurdles, Andrea graduated and now works as a Tester, an opportunity that was won through dedicated work and studying. Like Andrea, almost 40 young people have managed to get a job in the IT industry thanks to Codellege.

At Softtek, social responsibility is ingrained in our values, and today we continue to give back through the development of programs like Codellege. If you would like to collaborate with us to achieve a greater impact on education, please leave a comment below, or visit https://codellege.com/.

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