29 years, just the beginning

Softtek-hpd-2011Thursday was a special day for all of us that work at Softtek.  Twenty-nine years ago, on December 1st 1982, Softtek was founded by a man with a solid idea and a great vision. Today, we are more than seven thousand associates in more than 15 countries across three continents around the world, and we have made a positive impact on a majority of the most important companies on the planet. At the same time, we have also spent a lot of effort and dedication to giving back to those communities that have open the doors to our business, through the Softtek Solidaria foundation

I’m proud to work at a unique global company, where we are not only at the forefront of shaping the IT industry but where we also find joy in contributing to the growth and development of the communities where we work.


However, The most important part of these 29 years of history for me is that we have been able to make a difference in the lives of thousands through the different training, cultural and technological programs that we have in the company. From the momentum program, at both university and high school levels, to specific Softtek activities like “Galatea,” “Proteus” and the legendary “Juevebes.”

This year, we were the first ones to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Softtek, thanks to our location in Beijing, China. And despite the fact that the people working at the Beijing GDC are young (if measured in Softtek years), everyone could felt the emotion and sense of belonging while we all sang “生日快乐”.

Of course, in twenty-nine years there has been also challenging times and it has been the synergy of the Softtek associates that has turned difficult times into valuable lessons that has helped us to keep growing stronger.

As the title says, this is just the beginning, and we will continue shaping the history of the IT industry, having a positive impact on our community and influencing the new generations by sharing the company vision and at the same time, creating a unique global company.

萨孚凯 生日快乐 !

Happy Birthday Softtek!

Feliz Cumpleanos Softtek!

Feliz aniversário Softtek!

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