Four Reasons Why This IIoT Hackathon Matters

In previous posts we’ve discussed how we’re now fully into the fourth industrial revolution, which the World Economic Forum declared is now fully underway. By the next 5-7 years, fully 50 billion industrial machines will be connected via internet protocols.

And with every revolution there are usually significant events that can accelerate events and make these revolutions happen quicker, spread further, or gain converts, hearts and minds.

That’s what’s happening this coming October 27th and 28th during two simultaneous events in Coruña, Spain and Monterrey, Mexico with people of different regions of the World.

industrial internet things hackathon

Additionally, two of our global strategic partners, General Electric and Intel, will be supporting the Global IIoT Hacks hackathon.


Softtek has been working with GE Global for more than 20 years, and has recently become a strategic partner for their Predix platform to support customers in the transformation of their industrial processes and systems into digital assets.

In fact, this hackathon, for Softtek employees, is an extension of Softtek’s participation in GE’s Digital Alliance Program, where participants will be bullding solutions for the industrial internet of things on the Predix platform.


Intel, another global strategic partner with their Intel® IoT Developer Kit., is helping to bring about this new Industrial revolution. Participants will be able to make full use of the kit, together with GE’s Predix, to build robust IIoT solutions in just a 24 hour period.

The global hackathon was conceived to fulfill four goals that will help to fully entrench Softtek in this 4th industrial revolution:

Goal 1: Spread the IIoT Message Across Softtek

In the 34 years we’ve been in business, and the 20 years we’ve been working with GE, Softtek has been known as global premier digital consulting provider, servicing some of the largest enterprises on the globe. But now we’re fully committing to being at the center of the IIoT revolution.

And for a global company, getting everybody on board with this vision is one of our prime responsibilities. The hackathon is putting our role as a key player in the IIoT market firmly into the conscience of every Softtek employee.

This is the first of hopefully a regular series of hackathons that will motivate our staff and make them enthusiastic evangelists of the IIoT revolution - a development that will positively impact our customers as we continue to transition into this space.

Goal 2: Position Softtek as a Major Player in the IIoT Market

As an entrepreneurial company we’ve been known for innovation and bringing new ideas to the global market.

The IIoT Hacks is a shot across the bow that announces that we’re innovating in the IIoT space as well. As an entrepreneurial company, Softtek is again leading the charge in one of the most compelling and fast growing new market developments of the 21st century.

Goal 3: Engage the Next Generation of Innovative Employees

Everybody talks about millennials as if they’re this exotic segment of the population. But millennials are just people, and Softtek has hired a lot of them. To us they’re not exotic – they’re a generation of optimistic, smart, motivated individuals who want to make their mark on the world.

And the way to engage them and get them fully invested into the revolution s through events like IIoT Hacks.

The millennial generation is one of the most entrepreneurial we’ve ever seen, so what better way to unlock their full potential than with an event specifically designed to tap into their creative talents?

Goal 4: Give Back

The solutions created during the hackathon will be designed to solve real customer problems. Mark Andreessen, founder of Netscape, venture capitalist and startup thought leader, refers it a product/market fit. There has to be a market for your product or solution, and a market means a real need or pain that is being solved.

That’s great, and that’s what we’re striving for with this hackathon.

But we’re also concerned with solving social problems too. In fact Softtek has formed an initiative to tackle this precise problem, the Fundación Solidaria. We’re encouraging the teams participating in IIoT Hacks to come up with solutions that support the digital transformation for very poor communities and support the less fortunate.

Watch This Space

This particular hackathon is for Softtek employees only – but we’re planning other interesting things for the future. Keep your eye on what we’re doing to further the 4th Industrial Revolution – the Industrial Internet of Things.

We’re just getting started!