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What is customer acquisition powered by Softtek?

Many companies come to us frustrated or overwhelmed by their marketing & customer data because it doesn’t provide an end-to-end 360 view, actionable items, or a story of who their customer is or what they want. The outcome is all too familiar— sales thinks marketing delivers bad leads, and marketing thinks sales can’t sell.

Softtek creates and supports customer acquisition digitalized management software that helps break down the technology silos between departments to give companies a complete view of the customer at every touchpoint. When Softtek technology is implemented, employees in marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT can share a single 360 customer view from any device, anywhere in the world. We call our platform Softtek Digital Marketing and Sales Performance (SofttekDMSP) because it's a collection of powerful applications that enable a customized real-time sales experience through a holistic view of customers. 

How does SofttekDMSP work?

SofttekDMSP unites every team — marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT — with a single source of truth on an integrated platform to align with your digital strategy, branding compliance, and channel execution. Employees can access the information they need to do their best work and collaborate with colleagues much more easily. This ultimately leads to more connected, personalized experiences for your customers, building stronger relationships. 

How? This holistic view of each customer shortens the time it takes for companies to resolve customer issues. It also eliminates redundancies in communication and allows for highly personalized interactions.

How can SofttekDMSP be used for marketing?

Collect and manage first-, second-, and third-party data, and reconcile data from known and unknown customers and prospects. We're also flexible enough to help you integrate data sources outside of our own.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integration helps your team plan and optimize every customer interaction. You can quickly and easily make data-backed decisions about new customer segments to target.

How can SofttekDMSP be used for sales?

Your digital sales team can spend less time on data entry and more time connecting with customers. Our tools can also help your sales reps and support team develop and implement a precise, repeatable sales process. 

Better still, by connecting sales with marketing, service, and other areas, your opportunities increase and your customer experiences feel more seamless and engaged.

SofttekDMSP can support your inbound and outbound sales strategy with end-to-end program visibility.

Can SofttekDMSP work for B2B and B2C eCommerce?

If you want to build simple, seamless B2C and B2B eCommerce experiences that help grow revenue, engage customers, and connect commerce to the rest of the business, SofttekDMSP has tools for that, too.

Easy to implement and adapt, our flexible platform for commerce can scale anywhere. We can help your products and services for both businesses and consumers convert more customers with personalized buying experiences. It's an aligned digital strategy that includes digital media, call centers, and omnichannel/eCommerce, invested in entirely by Softtek and charged on a commission model, maximizing our clients' commerce upside with less risk.

What about customer service?

Deliver consistent, personalized customer service across every customer interaction, from the contact center to the field, and from service automation to chatbots powered by AI/ML. We can manage numerous touchpoints, including customer service, self-service channels, field service, and digital channels like chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

We have lots of ways to help you resolve cases faster, provide instant support, and make sure agents have a complete and informed view of the customer.

The business problems we're helping solve

According to a Forrester study, here are some of the challenges facing business leaders today:

  • 58% strongly agree or agree that customer/prospect and account data comes from too many sources to easily make sense of it
  • 58% strongly agree or agree that the lack of an enterprise view of customer/prospect data is a problem
  • 56% strongly agree or agree that organizational silos negatively impact the quality of their customer or prospect experience

So why, then, is data siloed in organizations? Too often, different areas in the company take on digital transformation initiatives separately. Over half of the study's respondents report their marketing, sales, and customer service systems are at least somewhat fragmented across their company. While this approach may help solve a short-term business problem, it can make it harder to deliver better customer experiences down the road.

What about IT and digital transformation? 

Whether your team is tech-minded or not, our integrated IT tools can help your entire organization build modern apps to meet employee, partner, and customer needs. We'll put you on the path to increasing productivity by automating processes that help teams improve scale, transparency, and security. I will provide a deeper dive into this subject and "smart SofttekDMSP" in the next blog, including:

  • Tangible project outcomes and no end-of-project budget surprises
  • Reusable patterns/code with new projects to lower risk, unlock economies of scale, and optimize ROI
  • Launch planning includes an internal FTE transition to seamlessly migrate professional services dependencies 


Connect with Shawn on LinkedIn to learn more about SofttekDMSP.


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